Fagor Lux Multi-cooker Review

Fagor Lux Multi-cooker overview

Fagor Lux Multi-cooker Review

A modern pressure cooker gives you fantastic and quick way to prepare delicious and yummy meals without lots of effort and it can retain juices and nutrients. One of the main advantages of the pressure cooker is that cooking process is completely faster when compared to ordinary cooking methods. In this modern world, most of the people are willing to buy fagor lux multi cooker because it is having excellent programming which can provide more control. You might also easily select your cooking process by choosing either low or high pressure based on recipe and quantity of the foods which you want to cook. It could be the best choice for cooking all kinds of recipes.

Fagor Lux Multi-cooker features

Fagor lux multi cooker is providing different kinds of the slow cooking modes like stews, roasts and soups. All kinds of these modes come with the high and low temperature setting so that you can personalize the cooking process which is suitable to your recipe. Vast numbers of the features are involved in the multi cooker such as

  • It has 4 digit led screen which is having soft touch control and it is really useful to adjust time. It is also having minus and plus knobs.
  • Automatic switch which keep your food warm for more than twelve hours once the cooking is complete.
  • For convenience, it comes with the automatic pressure release option
  • Luckily it comes with the recipe booklet and e-recipe book is having more than 75 recipes.


If you are willing to choose best multi cooker then you are advisable to choose fagor lux multi cooker because it is providing numerous numbers of benefits like

  • Instant pressure release valve which is worked instantly
  • Perfect one for cooking rice
  • Good at slow cooking beef stew
  • Easy to read controls and intuitive interface
  • Timer cooked feature and excellent settings for steaming, browning and delay start

It is having two programs which could be set on the low or high temperature and six quart model includes settings for simmering, browning, making white rice, risotto, yogurt, brown rice and sautéing.  Luckily it comes with the excellent supporting function like keep warm, steam, delay cooking timer, sauté and brown. With all whistles and bells, this multi cooker is getting top ratings because of its intuitive controls and ease of use.


It might take long time for releasing pressure naturally and it could be the major disadvantage of this cooker.


The fagor lux multi cooker is having many features and functions. It is the best pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and yogurt cooker. As everyone knows it is having removable non stick ceramic cooking pot which can provide dishwasher safe and FDA safe. This cooker comes with the recipe booklet, user manual which is really useful to the beginner. It is using normal household power so you no need to worry about electricity bill. Inside of this unit, it is having convenient measuring guide that is helpful to you.

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